Real Estate is not everything - IT'S THE ONLY THING

While that might be a slight exaggeration, consider the following:

1. The world’s population is increasing by about 150,000 people PER DAY, seven days a week;
2. The world’s real estate is not increasing at all;
3. There are only about 20 countries in the world worth living in and Canada is very high on that list;
4. The best place in Canada to live is BC, specifically the Lower Mainland;
5. There is now a world-wide demand for real estate in BC;

When you are paying $1000/sq. ft. or more for a place to live, it only makes sense to hire a real estate law firm that specializes in the area.



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Real Estate Law

Buying a property; Selling a property; Mortgage refinance, Transfer of Title & Ownership; Lease Review, Title Insurance

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Real Estate Referrals

We can extend a referral to real estate agents, private or institutional lenders, title insurance companies, among others.

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how we can help

Thinking about buying or selling property?

1.     We can recommend a good realtor or mortgage broker.  Getting a good team in place is essential to ensuring a successful result.  If you already have a realtor, broker or banker we will work with them to ensure that your transaction proceeds smoothly and efficiently.

2.     We can review your contract either before you sign it or if that’s not feasible, we suggest that you include a “subject to satisfactory review by my lawyer within 24 business hours” clause into the contract.  Normally there are several other “subject conditions” such as home inspection, title review and the like, so this one will not cause any delay or hesitation on the other party’s side.

3.     We will complete the sale or purchase in a competent, efficient manner. If difficulties arise, we can almost always solve them before the completion date.

4.     We will answer all of your questions and provide you with a completely understandable explanation of the transaction and all the accompanying documents.  By the way, if you think of something AFTER your transaction completes, you can come back with questions or concerns for as long as you own the property.

We make buying, selling or re-financing your home as easy, convenient and secure as possible.


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