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Condo Pre-Sale Litigation

Following almost 6 years of double-digit price appreciation, the latter half of 2008 saw the BC real estate market plummet by as much as 30% in some areas of the province. Sales volumes declined year over year by 70%.

Particularly hard-hit were people who signed pre-sale contracts to purchase condominiums who must now complete the sale, but who can no longer do so.

A number of developers have opted to sue these people for alleged losses they (the developers) have suffered after having to sell the condos to other members of the public at a lower price.

There is a way for pre-sale purchasers to fight back...

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Located on the 14th floor of an office tower on Pender and Howe in downtown Vancouver, we do not get "walk-in" clientele. All of our clients are referrals -from Clients, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Financial Institutions and other law firms.




Our primary legal focus is YOUR HOME.

Be it a house, condominium, leasehold strata unit, townhouse or resort property, your home is not only your castle, it is often your major financial asset. Therefore every contract, mortgage or other financial obligation affecting your home has to be done right every time.


We strive to make buying, selling or re-financing your home as easy, convenient and secure as possible.


    Why over 60,000 buyers, sellers and borrowers have chosen Pazder Law Corporation to handle their transactions:

    a. we regularly deal with all major real estate companies and brokerage firms;
    b. we are approved solicitors for all major lending institutions;
    c. we have been servicing clients in BC since 1988;
    d. we keep abreast of all issues related to real estate in BC including:

      i. The leaky condominium crisis. We set up the interest-free mortgage program for the BC HomeOwner Protection Office.
      ii. The mandatory New Home Warranty Program, which is now backed by private insurance companies overseen by the Financial Institutions Commission of BC.
      iii. The multi-million dollar real estate fraud of 2002 involving a long standing, local conveyancing lawyer.
      iv. Title insurance. We advise our clients on how this unique insurance product can minimize their risks on purchases for a nominal, one-time premium. With a licensed, level III title insurance agent on staff, we can place a purchaser's or lender's policy of title insurance with any of the major title insurance companies operating in Canada.
    a. What is easiest for you?
      i. We process all land transfers and mortgages at our main office in downtown Vancouver. We have a branch office in White Rock. If neither are convenient, we can arrange for you to meet with an agent lawyer anywhere in BC.
      ii. We will email all documents to you before you see one of our lawyers so you can review everything in advance at your leisure.
      iii. Our lawyers and paralegals are available all day to answer any questions or concerns you may have by phone, fax or email;
    b. Do we value your business?
      i. Our major source of legal work is repeat clients and referrals, so we would be pleased to work for you again and we hope that you will recommend our services to friends and family.
      ii. We want you to have a satisfactory experience despite the relatively stressful nature of buying, selling or mortgaging your home.
    c. Has it been done right?
      i. Everyone at our firm - from our lawyers and paralegals right down to our accounting and reception staff- are all dedicated to making sure your transaction is done professionally and accurately every time.
      ii. As a client, you may come back to us with your questions or concerns for as long as you own the property.
      iii. As members of the Law Society of British Columbia we carry professional liability insurance for your protection.
      iv. We also recommend title insurance on every purchase to absolutely maximize your security for as long as you or your heirs own the property.

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